Open Letter to NC Senators

image courtesy of Pixabay,com

Dear Senator ,

As an African American concerned about the education of our children, I am very troubled over the current attacks on anti-racism education (Critical Race Theory). The crusade in which some are engaged is nothing more than a literary lynching of Black children. Now, more than ever, our children need to know the truth about American history. Many people in this country seem to be determined to push America back to the era of white’s only water fountains and restrooms. I, like other North Carolinians, am taking a strong stand against academic Apartheid and classroom colonization. In Durham NC, African American grassroots activists, were successful in convincing our school board and city council to issue resolutions against NC House Bill 324. Our hope is that other counties across the country will follow our example.

I urge you to oppose House Bill 324 and other anti- Critical Race Theory legislation as we attempt to pull the white sheets off of a history that has been covered up for far too long.

Thank you,

Min. Paul Scott, founder

Black Messiah Movement

Durham NC

(919) 972–8305

Minister Paul Scott is a Durham NC activist and founder of the Black Messiah Movement