Durham Mayor’s Conspiracy of Silence on Violence

Min. Paul Scott
2 min readFeb 24, 2022

Recently, Mayor Elaine O’ Neal said that she would not be speaking to the media regarding the violence that has plagued Durham’s streets in recent years, The reason she gave is that she is having secret meetings with those involved in the violence who don’t trust the government. However, a Durham activist is questioning the logic of that decision.

Minister Paul Scott, founder of the Black Messiah Movement, says that the Durham community needs transparency from their elected officials.

“Our young people are dying in these streets, says Scott, “Secret meetings are why te Black community is in the condition its in today!”

Historically, the Black community does not trust politicians in law enforcement because of operations like the FBI’s COINTELPRO program of the 60’s and the alleged, government involvement in the crack cocaine being introduced to the Black community.

“Black people have good reason to be suspicious of the government, says Scott. “ But secret meetings only heighten the distrust.

Scott believes that an open discussion of the root causes is a better solution than a conspiracy of silence.

“People are concerned about the war in the Ukraine but there is a war going on in the Bull City, everyday.”

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Min. Paul Scott

Minister Paul Scott is a Durham NC activist and founder of the Black Messiah Movement