Durham Activist Demands Accountability in Corner Store Shootings

The homicide rate in Durham is skyrocketing as everyday there are reports of someone’s child being murdered on the Bull City Streets. Strangely, many of these shootings have something in common, they happen near neighborhood convenience stores. Most recently, a 17 year old child was murdered in the parking lot of a store on Main St.

Now, a Durham minister is calling for accountability.

“Why is no one questioning why these shootings are happening at the same locations, asks Minister Paul Scott, founder of the Black Messiah Movement. “I don’t think it is a coincidence.”

Scott is urging city officials and the community to hold store owners responsible for shootings that are occurring on or near their properties.

Some of the main problem spots as Two Brothers on Dearborn Dr, Joy Mart on 2100 Block N, Roxboro Rd, the stores at the intersection of Cornwallis and S. Roxboro St and the store on the 900 block of E. Main St.

A major concern is that because of the lack of transportation and grocery stores in low income areas, many people depend on these corner stores for food.

“Children are going into these stores for candy, ‘’ says Scott. “They shouldn’t have to worry about ending up with the coroner.

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Minister Paul Scott is a Durham NC activist and founder of the Black Messiah Movement