Open Letter to Triangle Media Companies

Dear Triangle Media Outlets,

As a proud citizen of Durham NC, I am sick and tired of reading the numerous insults that are hurled at my city every time there is a murder on your social media pages. While families are grieving over their loved ones, it seems like some folk around here find it hilarious and use the occasion to throw salt in our wounds.

No, I do not hold your company responsible for what a few insensitive, bigots post on your social media. However, people have to realize that your reports are only telling part of the story. A two minute news report can’t give a thorough discussion of the root causes that have led to the latest shooting on the Bull City streets. Nor, can a few soundbites balance the daily murder report with information about the positive things happening in Durham nor it’s rich history. That’s our job.

In truth, there are multiple reasons why Durham finds itself in this current state where people are scared to walk the streets, even in broad daylight. If you are interested in finding the “why” you can’t just depend on the six o’ clock evening news report. No, you have to talk to some of the elders in Durham about the legacy of urban renewal. Nor can you depend on the morning paper to give a full report on the contributions that Durham folk have made to this state and country.

But many people won’t take those necessary steps towards understanding. Instead, they rather sit behind their computer screens and hurl insults as they sip their Starbucks every morning.

Many of us would like to give them the business when we see their insensitive comments but dread doing a 30 day bid in Facebook jail , allowing them to run amuck with their ramblings.

Plus , community activists in Durham are too busy implementing solutions to the problems to spend our day trading insults with some nincompoop on Twitter.

So, I have a novel idea. Maybe those who love this city should fight back? Every time someone says something bad about Durham we should counter with something positive. Or maybe , put the violence in context by discussing historical reasons why communities seem to fall?

We will tell them with a loud and unified voice “Don’t Diss Durham !”

Thank you,

Min. Paul Scott, founder

Black Messiah Movement

Durham, NC

(919) 972–8305

Minister Paul Scott is a Durham NC activist and founder of the Black Messiah Movement