Activist Tired of “Virtual” Solutions to Durham Murders

Today, some public officials are having a virtual meeting in Durham to discuss the rising murder rate in the city. However, a local , longtime activist is frustrated with the conversations.

Min. Paul Scott, founder of the Black Messiah Movement , says that over the years he has seen such meetings that never lead to solutions.

“Durham is tired of meetings that only lead to more meetings,” says Scott. “ Apparently, either the people who are most effected either don’t know or show.”

While many young people are mourning the murder of Hip Hop artist, Young Dolph, in Memphis yesterday, ironically, the home of former Durham Police Chief CJ Davis, Scott says that “Young Dolphs” in Durham are being shot on Bull City streets every night.”

He believes that new grassroots approaches are , urgently needed.

For the last 16 years, Scott, and a few others have gone to the West End community and passed out free Black history books and had weekly conversations with the community with no assistance from city officials. The operation is called From Hood to H.O.O.D. (Hope Out Of Despair) He believes instead of meetings organizations, churches etc should adopt one block in this city and be responsible for that block.

“The violence in the community isn’t virtual it’s real, Scott says.

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Minister Paul Scott is a Durham NC activist and founder of the Black Messiah Movement