Race, Rats and Revolutionaries:

Flippin’ the Switch on the Snitch Myth

Min. Paul Scott

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“Can’t win a debate, so they sponsor every threat to me.I wonder if Agent 800 is standing’ next to me?”

Young Lords — Immortal Technique

One of the greatest leaders in Black America was assassinated today. Minister Marcus Hampton was shot seven times at point black range as he stood before a packed auditorium in Chicago. …

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Call for a Black Cultural Revolution for Black History Month

When someone hears the name “Durham” in 2021, the image of gunshots and police tape usually come to mind. However, it has not always been this way, the Bull City has a rich history and just like in much of the country, many aspects black history are often ignored. It is time to change the narrative.

Following the racial unrest of last year this is the most important Black History Month ever, as this month will determine the cultural destiny of African Americans for decades to come. Many people are…

Death to Mumble Rap:

The Need for a Black Cultural Revolution

Min. Paul Scott

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“Many of you are educated/open your mouths and speak”

Still # 1 — Boogie Down Productions

It was billed as the largest black rally in history, as over two million people gathered in Washington DC to express their outrage over George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. The keynote speaker was Ty Codeine who was supposed to give the crowd their marching others to execute the next phase of the revolution. …

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Defunding Durham or Hoodwinkin’ the Hood

Min. Paul Scott

“There’s a war going on outside no man is safe from”

Survival of the Fittest- Mobb Deep

In the Bull City, there is a turf war going on. This is not between the Bloods and the Crips, but between those who want more police and those who want to defund them. Meanwhile, innocent citizens are getting caught in the crossfire.

Durham, NC is a city with around 280,000 people. As we close out 2020, there have been close to 900 reported shooting incidents with bullets hitting their targets more than 300…

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How We Will Stop the Violence in Durham

Min. Paul Scott

So far there are reports of over 800 shootings in Durham in 2020 with hundreds of victims. We cannot wait for the politicians or police to come save us because “WE” are the solution. Below are 10 basic solutions that are either in operation or can easily be implemented on the streets of Durham right now.

1) Since the violence is ,disproportionately, affecting the African American community we must replace the term “Stop the Violence” with “Black Empowerment.”

2) We are calling for the formation of study groups to…

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Searching for New Solutions:

Why Street Knowledge Won’t Save the Bull-et City

Min. Paul Scott

“ To have once been a criminal that’s no disgrace. To remain a criminal is the disgrace” Malcolm X

As it happens so often, the Bull City (now known as the Bull-et City) is scrambling to find solutions to it’s growing crime rate. In the last year it has been reported that there have been at least 700 shootings. One of the solutions being offered by the Durham City officials is to hire former gang members to talk to the youth about putting down the…

Myth of the Monolithic Black Mind

Min. Paul Scott

I once heard a Jamaican expression that goes “every Dread is not a Rasta and every Rasta doesn’t have dreads.” This statement is appropriate in dealing with the massive Black Lives Matter Movement of 2020. Although every Black activist believes, wholeheartedly, that black lives matter, every Black activist is not a card carrying member of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Contrary to the ol’ stereotype, not only do all black people not look alike….well we don’t all think alike either.

In this country there has been a tendency to fit all…

Min. Paul Scott

Minister Paul Scott is a Durham NC activist and founder of the Black Messiah Movement

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